Carroll County Gastroenterology Selects Benchmark For Practice Management Solution

Benchmarks easy to use Internet accessible medical software allows gastroenterology practices the ability to quickly enter comprehensive data and securely store patient records at a HIPAA secure hosting facility. The practice management software integrates seamlessly with Advanced Scheduling which will give Carol County Gastroenterology the ability to maximize efficiency while improving patient care and satisfaction. Dr. Bowens staff will be able to modify Benchmarks comprehensive scheduling options to fit their individual practice dynamics and make the most of their critical assets. Benchmark is committed to delivering the most advanced software and services in the industry. We are extremely excited to be partnering with Carroll County Gastroenterology for years to come, stated Ernie Chastain, Vice-President of Benchmark Systems, We also look forward to providing the same reliable support to other healthcare providers in the state of New Hampshire. About Carroll County Gastroenterology Carroll County Gastroenterology Center has been offering a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic services in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire since 1999. Dr. Michael R. Bowen, who is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, treats patients with a wide range of digestive symptoms and disorders. Carroll County Gastroenterology also offers a licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center providing professional care such as colonoscopies, upper endoscopies, liver biopsys and infusion therapies. For additional information go online to About Benchmark Systems Inc. Benchmark is a leading Internet based provider of fully integrated solutions that automates all of the clinical and business functions required for healthcare providers. Benchmark offers seamless integrated Patient Portals, Personal Health Records, Scheduling, EMR, Billing, Messaging, Fax, CPOE, Rx Scripting, and Revenue Cycle Management at an affordable monthly fee. Recognized for their use of leading edge cloud based technology, Benchmarks suite of software was built leveraging over 35 years of expertise in helping healthcare providers solve profitability and limited time issues. For more information about Benchmark Systems please call us at 1.800.779.0902 or visit us online at

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UK acid-related disease trends revealed

The research used information collated from the General Practice Research Database for 5860 patients with BE and 125,519 patients with GERD to demonstrate changes in the care and incidence of acid-related disease in the UK between 1996 and 2005. Kalliopi Alexandropoulou and co-authors, from St George’s Hospital and Medical School in London, UK, say their research “provides a reliable reflection of the burden of these diseases currently in the UK and a baseline for future studies to compare trends in disease epidemiology as management changes are implemented.” As reported in the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the incidence of BE increased from 0.11 to 0.24 cases per 1000 men and from 0.06 to 0.11 cases per 1000 women over the period. While the results may represent a “genuine increase” in BE incidence, the researchers note that the findings may also reflect increased use of endoscopy over the study period, and changes in the definition of BE to include short segment disease. By contrast, the rate of GERD was stable, at an average incidence of 3.99 cases per 1000 men and 4.55 cases per 1000 women. Esophageal cancer was reported in 69 patients with BE and 183 patients with a diagnosis of GERD at least a year before cancer detection. The accumulated incidence of esophageal cancer was 3.00 cases per 1000 BE patient-years compared with just 0.30 cases per 1000 GERD patient-years. Alexandropoulou et al note that the study period “witnessed huge changes in the management of acid-related conditions.” This, they say, is demonstrated by a decrease in histamine-2 receptor antagonist prescriptions, from 39.0 to 14.5% of patients with a new diagnosis of GERD, and an increase in proton pump inhibitor use from 52% to 79%. “These trends have significant implications for healthcare planning and financing in the UK and other countries,” the team concludes. medwireNews ( is an independent clinical news service provided by Springer Healthcare Limited. A Springer Healthcare Ltd; 2012

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