Doctor Who: Vastra, Jenny And Strax To Return In Series 8

Patients need to be ‘Equal Partners’ with Doctors to get Treatment

That’s right folks – while filming has only just begun for the new series of ‘ Doctor Who ‘ it looks as though fan-favourites, The Paternoster Gang, will be back on our screens. And it’s going to be another Victorian episode for The Doctor. But how will they get along with The Doctor’s new face? I get the feeling Peter Capaldi is going to fit right in [ Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor is here ] Appearing on location for the first time this series, the ‘Doctor Who’ crew rolled up at The Maltings in Cardiff to recreate a sort-of Victorian train platform and while a number of extras were spotted sporting period costumes (including dapper waistcoats and even pocket watches) it wasn’t long before The Paternoster Gang were spotted on set. Of course, the fan-favourites were quickly ushered into the relatively-closed set for filming. And while many were able to catch a glimpse of the action from adjacent offices, not much could be seen from the ground. #DWSR another pic taken from filming at my place of work today! #Vastra makes her appearance!! – Simon Clements (@BlueBotDesign) January 7, 2014 But that didn’t stop us from nabbing a few pictures of Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax as they left the set and headed back to the production base still adorned in their full make-up. [ Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor ] While they only stayed at the location for a single morning of shooting, there was plenty of excitement as fans reportedly saw smoke emanating from one of the windows and heard loud bands from within. And in the chaos, it seems there was one man who went completely un-noticed – a British actor by the name of Richard Harrington.

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Strax takes a moment to stop for the fans.

United Kingdom Professor David Haslam, chairman of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (Nice), has noticed a lot of difference between American and British patients’ behaviour. Prof. Haslam has worked as a doctor near an American air force base in Cambridgeshire. While working there, he has observed that American patients always wanted to know more about their treatments and what else they can do to improve their health. But such a thing has not been seen among British patients. British patients are more dependent on doctors to help them in bettering their plight. Prof. Haslam has suggested patients to be ‘equal partners’ with doctors when seeking treatment. The former GP also wants that people should have better understanding about drugs and treatments they take. Knowledge of the same will help people work better with their doctors to seek more effective treatment for their conditions. It has also come into his notice that 33% of kidney cancer patients and one in three motor neurone disease patients are not being able to get drugs that they require. An investigation into the matter is being carried out to know the truth. “When products have been approved for use by the NHS by Nice, patients have a legal right to those drugs – as long as they are clinically appropriate”, said the former GP.

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