Neonatal Specialist Named Act Australian Of The Year

Neonatal specialist Zsuzsoka Kecskes was named as the ACT Australian of the Year in a ceremony at the National Arboretum.

“We need to look after them and look after the families that care for them in the future and they will grow up to be the Australians that shape this nation.” Dr Kecskes’ research into babies who have suffered a loss of oxygen during birth continues to guide the treatment of newborns around the world. The Clinical Director of Neonatology also helped design and develop the recently built neonatal intensive care unit at Canberra’s new Centenary Hospital for Women and Children. Supporting servicemen and women Veterans’ campaigner Graham Walker has been awarded the ACT Senior Australian of the Year 2014 title for his work supporting returned servicemen and women. Mr Walker served for 21 years in the Army including the Indonesian Confrontation and the Vietnam War. During the 1980s, Mr Walker worked with the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia, to help thousands of veterans to receive their entitlements. He also advised governments, authored research and campaigned for the official history of the chemical Agent Orange to be rewritten. Now aged 74, Mr Walker hopes his support will ensure that the Vietnam veterans’ story is faithfully captured for future generations. Increased access The ACT Young Australian of the Year 2014 is a disability advocate keen to break down the barriers. Photo: ACT Young Australian of the Year winner Huy Nguyen is passionate about improving building accessibility for people in wheelchairs. (ABC News) Huy Nguyen, 29, was born in Vietnam and contracted polio when he was 18 months old. Since then he has used a wheelchair to get around and is passionate about engineering designs to assist people with disabilities to access buildings. Mr Nguyen is the founder of Enable Canberra, an online resource which helps people to plan their visits to Canberra’s national institutions. He has also taken his unique perspective overseas as the founder of Enable Development. Mr Nguyen has facilitated disability programs in the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste to help break down the barriers stopping people with physical challenges from moving about. A special mother This year’s ACT Local Hero is a woman who has adopted four children with special needs.

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Melbourne Medical Specialists with Extensive Waiting Lists – How to Shortcut The List and See a Specialist Faster

Parnis. Gallstones need quick action to prevent infections from putting a patients life at risk. The more the delays occur in that area, the more it impacts on the individuals health and adversely affects other parts of the hospital. People who are outpatients too long could end up in already overcrowded hospital emergency departments.* Victorian father and founder of a search engine to find Melbourne medical specialists I Need A Specialist, Darren Lemin says, This is exactly why we created our search engine that links patients in need with qualified and respected medical specialists in Melbourne who dont have such ridiculous waiting lists. The problem is that a high amount of GPs are referring patients to just a small number of specialists, but realistically there are many more specialists available and the patient has a right to have access to health care sooner. Darren was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukaemia 13 years ago. With a wife and 3 children all under the age of 8, it was one of the scariest times of his life. Darren was completely in the hands of the local GP who referred him to the best specialists in the field, and luckily for Darren he has been in remission ever since. But his health scare prompted a commitment from Darren and his family to spend the rest of their lives giving back to others. Darrens wife Michelle has now been working in the health industry for 15 years, and each time family or friends have had health issues they turned to Michelle to see what she could do to help them, who she recommended they saw, and sometimes she could even link them with Melbourne medical specialists that had shorter waiting lists than their GP-recommended specialist. This got Darren thinking, wouldnt it be great if everyone had access to this sort of information and contacts that are usually exclusive to people working in the health industry? Darren launched the online search engine for medical specialists I Need A Specialist to provide patients with options that he knows he wouldve appreciated when he was battling cancer. Patients using the I Need A Specialist service have reduced waiting times for initial appointments from 3-6 months, to under two weeks.

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