Eye Doctors Warn Of Damage From Lasers

It produced 1,250 mW of power. The boy’s vision eventually recovered after two months, Toth and her colleagues report in JAMA Ophthalmology. But other people are not so fortunate, Toth said. Within the past few months, other reports of eye injuries by lasers were published in other journals, Toth said. In one case, a laser burned a hole through the back of a person’s eye. “I do think that higher power lasers are more available than they were in the past,” she said. “For that reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an increase in the number of injuries.” “The amount of damage correlates to the strength of the laser,” Dr. Stacy Pineles, assistant professor of ophthalmology and a retinal specialist at the Stein Eye Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, told Reuters Health in an email. “Shorter wavelength lasers that are now available to consumers as described in this article are more easily absorbed by the retina and therefore can cause severe and sometimes permanent vision loss,” Pineles, who was not involved in the new report, said. People who work with lasers should wear protective goggles, she said. “Different types of lasers require specific goggles for maximum protection.” Toth said it’s also important that people don’t let children play with lasers of any type. “Even a so-called safe level can also be dangerous,” she said, adding that people who think they are injured should see a doctor.

helpful hints http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/14/us-eye-lasers-idUSBREA0D1HA20140114

Judge: NM Doctors Can Give Meds to Help People Die

“This court cannot envision a right more fundamental, more private or more integral to the liberty, safety and happiness of a New Mexican than the right of a competent, terminally ill patient to choose aid in dying,” the judge wrote. Nash also ruled that doctors could not be prosecuted under the state’s assisted suicide law, which classifies helping with suicide as a fourth-degree felony. The plaintiffs in the case do not consider physicians aiding in dying a form of suicide. The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office said it is discussing the possibility of an appeal but needs to fully analyze the judge’s opinion before commenting further. Nash’s ruling stems from a two-day bench trial in December in which two doctors and a Santa Fe woman with advanced uterine cancer asked the judge to determine that physicians would not be breaking the law if they wrote prescriptions for competent, terminally ill patients who wanted to end their lives. Doctors Katherine Morris and Aroop Mangalik and patient Aja Riggs filed their lawsuit in 2012. The lawsuit had the support of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico, Denver-based Compassion & Choices and the New Mexico Psychological Association, the largest organization of professional psychologists in the state. The psychologists’ group argued that assisted suicide and “aid in dying” for terminally ill patients were fundamentally different. “New Mexicans, both healthy and sick, now enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that come with knowing they can prevent a prolonged, agonized dying process at the end of life,” ACLU of New Mexico Legal Director Laura Schauer Ives said in a statement. Riggs, a 49-year-old Santa Fe resident, has undergone aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatment. She testified in December that her cancer was in remission but said there have been days when getting out of bed and walking 15 feet were an uphill battle. Riggs said she wanted to live but also wanted the option of dying if her condition worsened. “I don’t want to suffer needlessly at the end,” she told Nash during the trial.

sneak a peek at this website http://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/nm-judge-doctors-give-meds-aid-dying-21518942

Fairfield County Doctors and Cigna Start Accountable Care Program to Improve Health and Lower Costs

Cigna has 86 collaborative accountable care initiatives in 27 states, encompassing more than 880,000 commercial customers and more than 35,000 doctors, including more than 16,000 primary care physicians and more than 19,000 specialists. Cigna launched its first collaborative accountable care program in 2008 and will reach its goal to have 100 of them in place with one million customers in 2014. Collaborative accountable care is one component of the company’s approach to physician engagement for health improvement, which also includes the innovative Cigna-HealthSpringSM care model for Medicare customers. Today, well over one million Cigna and Cigna-HealthSpring customers benefit from more than 250 engaged physician relationships across 31 states, with more than 62,000 doctors participating, including more than 22,000 primary care physicians and more than 40,000 specialists. About PriMed PriMed, LLC, formed in 1996, is a multi-specialty physician group of over 120 health care providers in 36 locations throughout Fairfield and New Haven Counties. Physician specialties include family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics as well as cardiovascular, ear, nose and throat, endocrinology & diabetes, gastroenterology, general surgery, infectious disease, nutritional counseling, ophthalmology, physical therapy, podiatry, pulmonary & sleep medicine, rheumatology & arthritis, and urology. In addition, PriMed offers ancillary services including bone mineral density testing, endoscopic testing in a modern, accredited gastrointestinal suite, sleep disorder treatment and testing at our accredited sleep center. PriMed also has a full range of cardiac care in our advanced cardiology center. For more information about our physicians, services and office locations, visit http://www.PriMedMD.com . About The Greenwich Physicians Association The Greenwich Physicians Association, Inc. (GPA) is an independent practice association owned and managed by physicians. The GPA was founded in 1992 and currently includes 106 physician members in 44 medical practices. It is a non-stock corporation governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community based physicians. The primary purpose of the GPA is to promote and support the physician members.

talks about it http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fairfield-county-doctors-cigna-start-180000916.html


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