Canadian Filmmaker And Doctor Imprisoned In Egypt Without Charges, Abused After Witnessing Massacre

And so, were certainly encouraging the Canadian government to keep up this pressure and to make this pressure as overt as possible, in terms of talking to their Egyptian counterparts, you know, in terms of Prime Minister Harper talking to the interim prime minister in Egypt, and just continuing to keep up this pressure, because this has continued for 47 days now, with an extension going into another 45 days or 44 days43 days now. And so, you know, were at the point now of saying this has already gone on too long. John and Tarek have been mistreated at the time of their arrest, you know, saddled with many accusations that are absolutely ludicrous, held without charges. You know, for the first 30 days, they were in a cell with 38 other individuals. Theyre now in a cell with six other individuals, but the entire time theyve been sleeping on concrete. And weve had no access to phone calls at all during this entire time. So, its been very difficult circumstances for John and Tarek, and were certainly, you know, encouraging the Canadian government to be as diligent as possible in putting pressure on Egypt to release John and Tarek immediately. AMY GOODMAN: Naomi Klein, what is the interest of the Canadian government here? What is the relationship between the Morsi government and the Canadian government, and now the military government thats in power? NAOMI KLEIN: Well, I mean, I think its no secret that the Canadian government isyou know, we often say its keeping the George W. Bush dream alive in lots of ways, you know, whether its climate change or just unquestioning support for Israel.

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