Canadian Doctor Assaulted Wife In Hamilton

The incident took place in Hamilton. The assault with intent charge related to Ishwarlall headbutting her. Ishwarlall was due to be sentenced in court today, but his lawyer David Allan was successful in having it delayed nine months so his client could complete rehabilitative courses and treatments. Allan also applied for a discharge without conviction. However, Judge Tompkins will not make a decision on that until next year – but did hint that it’s unlikely to be successful. Ishwarlall, originally from South Africa, will now head back to Canada – to his wife and son – and will have regular treatments with his New Zealand-based psychologist via Skype. Allan said convictions would affect his ability work as an anaesthesiologist at Moose Jaw Union Hospital at Saskatchewan, Canada. A probation report showed Ishwarlall’s wife was ready to give him another chance if he completed treatment programmes. Allan told Judge Tompkins he accepted his proposal and Ishwarlall’s circumstances “were quite exceptional” however his client had already taken a month’s extra leave from his job and he was keen to get back. A psychologist report revealed a history of domestic violence with his wife, which was revealed to be a result of Ishwarlall’s upbringing and violence between his parents. Judge Tompkins said given Ishwarlall was in New Zealand on holiday his sentencing options were limited and he was reluctant to send him to prison.

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Canadian doctors still make dramatically less than U.S. counterparts: study

But Dr. Haggie voiced no particular envy Tuesday at the statistics just published in the journal Health Affairs , saying that factors other than money influence where doctors settle, including for some the appeal of Canadas universal, government-funded health system. A good salary package is an attractor, its a magnet but it doesnt always have the same effect at the other end when youre trying to retain people, said Dr. Haggie. The system in which (physicians) work is part of the attraction of working here. That migration to the U.S. has reversed in the last few years, with a small net influx of MDs from south of the border as incomes rose here, according to statistics and the accounts of medical recruitment agencies. The new studys authors, both health policy professors at New Yorks Columbia University, did the research to help detail why the cost of health care is so steep in the U.S. compared to other countries. It may partly reflect an American society where the mostly highly educated and skilled people in all fields tend to earn a bigger chunk of the overall wealth than similar groups in other countries, Miriam Laugesen, the lead researcher, said in an interview. Regardless, the 2008 figures that Prof. Laugesen and her colleague gathered offer a fascinating glimpse at the profession in six countries, with stark differences in payment between nations, and between private and public payors in those places that have two-tier systems. The average income after expenses, in U.S. dollars, for an orthopedic surgeon in the U.S. was $442,450, compared to $208,000 in Canada, $324,000 in the U.K. and $154,000 in France.

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