Imran Khan leaves for UK for medical checkup

Khan will stay in London for several days and also meet his two sons whom he had not seen for the last five months, Diya Rehman of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party said. “It is a private visit and he will see the doctor and meet his children. No political activity or meeting of this nature has been so far on the agenda,” Rehman said. Khan, 60, fell from a fork-lifter which was hoisting him up a platform to address an election rally. He remained in hospital for over two weeks and missed the crucial last few days of electioneering. He is still going through the rehabilitation process and feels agonising back pains which also affect his political activities, virtually confining him in his house in suburbs of Islamabad. Khan is also expected the meet his former wife, Jemima Khan, who has been on good terms with him despite their separation. She immediately tweeted after his fall expressing concern about his health. It is his first visit abroad since elections and he expected to return on July 20. Meanwhile, government of Nawaz Sharif was mulling to postpone an all parties conference set for Friday due to absence of Khan. The meeting was called to formulate a policy against militancy.

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