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Boy, 6, dies after exhausted doctor mistakes him for other patient with ‘do not resuscitate’ order

Drawing on in-depth interviews with segment individuals and a range of external and internal sources, we create a definitive segment guide for client targeting and servicing purposes. The reports examine segment individuals’ general habits, attitudes and behaviours, financial characteristics and current industry usage and perceptions; they conclude with guidance for wealth managers on how to approach them and what propositions to offer. They draw on the very best qualitative research techniques as well as Ledbury’s unique understanding of HNWIs and the wealth management industry and, in this case, focus on High-end Doctors. Summary This tribe report focusses on High-end Doctors, who number in excess of 70,000, earn more than 100,000 p.a. excluding benefits, and enjoy excellent job security in a very uncertain climate. They are very conservative in their asset choices, place a great deal of value on professional advice and are largely overlooked by the wealth management industry. Highlights General characteristics Over the last decade the number of High-end Doctors in the UK has grown phenomenally. They are very intelligent individuals, and have spent many years in training prior to reaching their lofty positions. They still work very hard and are constantly in contact with other colleagues in their specialist fields. Financial characteristics High-end Doctors enjoy excellent job security, material private practice income and clear visibility of earnings and are very conservative in their asset choices. They are hands on when it comes to making financial decisions, place a great deal of value on professional advice and are looking to manage their wealth optimally. Current industry usage and views High-end Doctors are under-serviced by the financial services industry, and largely overlooked by the wealth management industry.

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Asked by coroner Catherine Mason whether she actually saw Jack’s face before telling staff to stop, she said: “There were a lot of people in the room and I can’t remember if I saw a face or not. “But what was important to me was not to resuscitate a child that was not to be resuscitated. As soon as I was told it was Jack I said ‘no, he has everything.’ I was not aware Jack had gone to Ward 28 or the other boy had been discharged.” After staff realized the mix up, medics tried for an hour to resuscitate Jack but were unsuccessful. Jack, from Leicester, had Down’s Syndrome among other health problems. He had been referred to the hospital earlier the same day after he started suffering from sickness and diarrhea. Caters News Agency Leicester Royal Infirmary, where Dr. Hadiza Bawa-Garba admitted she had worked 12 hours without a break. Dr Bawa-Garba was questioned as to why she had telephoned Jack’s mother two days after his death. Dr Bawa-Garba told the inquest: “I rang her just out of courtesy. “I only found out on the Monday from the trust I was not meant to.” At the beginning of Monday’s hearing, Dr Bawa-Garba was warned by the coroner that she should not impede the case by providing information she is uncomfortable with. The coroner told her: “You do not have to answer any question asked by myself or any legal representative that you feel may incriminate you.

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Astor defrauder Anthony Marshall classified eligible for medical parole

Medical Waste Found on Hamburg, New York Road

He will go before a parole board the week of Aug. 19. By Shayna Jacobs / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, July 23, 2013, 4:26 AM Marcus Santos/for the New York Daily news Anthony Marshall is being held at Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon. Related Stories Anthony Marshall gets temporary reprieve from prison sentence for looting Brooke Astor’s estate Anthony Marshall ‘s stay in the slammer may be shorter than expected. The Parkinsons disease-stricken octogenarian son of late philanthropist Brooke Astor has been classified as eligible for medical parole, a Department of Corrections spokesman said. Marshall, 89, who is at Fishkill Correctional Facility in Beacon, will go before a parole board the week of Aug. 19. Marshalls one-to-three year prison sentence for defrauding Astor of her $185 million fortune finally began last month after years of delays. Marshalls attorney, Kenneth Warner, said lawyers are hoping for Mr. Marshalls release on medical parole as soon as possible. A spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorneys office, which pursued the case against Marshall and his crooked lawyer pal Francis Morrissey, declined to comment.

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According to the Erie County Department of Health, the waste was found in the vicinity of Pleasant Avenue and Lakeview Road. Erie County Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Services were dispatched to contain the waste. The waste was collected to prevent exposure to the public and ensure that it was properly disposed of. Erie County says it is collaborating with New York State to investigate the origin of the harmful materials. Residents should avoid direct contact with any potential sources of medical waste. If bandages, soiled gloves, containers, etc. are found on private property they should be handled with caution. The materials should not be touched with bare hands. The Erie County Health Commissioner suggests that people use gloves, a plastic bag, tongs, a stick, or a shovel to retrieve the items. The items should then be placed in a plastic bag, the bag should be tied shut, and then placed in another plastic bag which should be tied shut as well. Place the bag in the garbage, and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. If waste is found, there is no need to contact the health department or any other agency at this time.

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10th Doctor Sonic Remote Incoming


Full details: Firebox, home of the coolest things you can buy, today launches the latest essential accessory for Doctor Who fans; the Tenth Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control. Launched in conjunction with the Wand Company and BBC Worldwide, it may not sink ships or triangulate the source of ghoulish ghosts, but it is a fully functioning replica and a must-have for aspiring Time Lords everywhere. Painstakingly 3D scanned from the original screen-used prop, actually loaned by David Tennant himself, the Tenth Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control is a faithful clone. Featuring genuine extending action, made using the highest-grade materials and sizing up as a complete 1:1 replica, it looks, feels and works just like the real thing. This advanced, gesture-based universal remote control can be quickly and easily programmed utilising infrared technology to control almost all home entertainment equipment. From iPod docks, TVs and DVD & Blu-ray players this will gain complete control with a simple flick, twist or tap of the device. The FX mode plays authentic special effect sounds from the BBC archives of Doctor Who and the bright illuminating tip will light the way no matter which corner of the universe you find yourself in. A die cast metal stand is also included, complete with Gallifreyan text inscription which doubles as a magnet making it the perfect, upright display platform. It also comes in an exquisite protective case to ensure its safe-passage through time and space. Ben Redhead, buyer at said, This is a quality, stunning piece of kit and the attention to detail means this is the real deal. The sonic screwdriver is the most iconic and versatile tool this side of Jalian 17, so Doctor Who fans of all ages are in for an absolute treat. Chris Barnardo, Co-founder of The Wand Company says, Following the incredible success of the Eleventh incarnation and as a result of quite sensational demand, we decided to create the Tenth Doctors Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control. Weve crammed this full of tech, to create a fully-functioning, authentic-looking gesture-based universal remote that we hope fans will adore. Control your TV, iPod & other gadgets with mulitple gestures 4 modes to help you become a fully-fledged Time Lord 1:1 scale replica

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Imran Khan leaves for UK for medical checkup

Khan will stay in London for several days and also meet his two sons whom he had not seen for the last five months, Diya Rehman of his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party said. “It is a private visit and he will see the doctor and meet his children. No political activity or meeting of this nature has been so far on the agenda,” Rehman said. Khan, 60, fell from a fork-lifter which was hoisting him up a platform to address an election rally. He remained in hospital for over two weeks and missed the crucial last few days of electioneering. He is still going through the rehabilitation process and feels agonising back pains which also affect his political activities, virtually confining him in his house in suburbs of Islamabad. Khan is also expected the meet his former wife, Jemima Khan, who has been on good terms with him despite their separation. She immediately tweeted after his fall expressing concern about his health. It is his first visit abroad since elections and he expected to return on July 20. Meanwhile, government of Nawaz Sharif was mulling to postpone an all parties conference set for Friday due to absence of Khan. The meeting was called to formulate a policy against militancy.

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